/stoʊ / (say stoh)

verb (t)
1. Nautical to place (cargo, etc.) in the hold or some other part of a ship.
2. to put in a place or receptacle as for storage or reserve; pack.
3. to fill (a place or receptacle) by packing.
4. (of a place or receptacle) to afford room for; hold.
5. Colloquial to desist from.
6. stow away,
a. to conceal oneself aboard a ship or other conveyance in order to get a free trip.
b. to put away, as in a safe convenient place.
7. stow it, (often used imperatively) Colloquial to stop talking or doing something.
{Middle English, from stowe place, Old English stow}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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